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Line Boring in Ventura, CA


Portable Line Boring With Welding Capabilities

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Portable line boring with welding allows us to provide onsite repairs of worn or over-sized bores on excavators, loaders and all other types of heavy equipment. This portable service is cost effective and eliminates the timely task of transporting heavy equipment offsite to be repaired.

At this time, we do not offer stand alone portable welding services.

Our Equipment

BOA Portable Bore Welder 308i S3
  • Bores from 1 3/4" diameter up to 24" diameter.
  • Welder is automatic with telescopic torch that extends up to 36" long.
  • Lathe has a power feed with adjustable bearings, allowing precise alignment of bar (Bar is 60" long)

Boring System Model BB5500
  • 2 1/4 bar x 72" long, 1.6hp electric drive.
  • Fits into extremely confined spaces, allowing measuring and inspection without the need to reset.