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Part Manufacturing in Ventura, CA

Our Machining Services

  • General Machining:
    We have manual mills and lathes for machining small and large parts with CNC machining capabilities. Our machines can service steel, stainless, aluminum, brass and even plastics.

  • Manufacturing of Custom & Obsolete Parts:
    If you are in need of parts for a piece of equipment that is no longer supported by its manufacturer, we can help. We can custom make unavailable or obsolete parts for your equipment. To accommodate large jobs, there is a 10-ton bridge crane on site.

  • Industrial Pump Repairs & Overhauling:
    We specialize in the service and repair of pumps for water, sewage and sump sludge applications. Typical pumps include submersible, multi-stage centrifugal and split case.
Brands may include Goulds, Paco, Flyght, ABS, Grundfus, Allis-Chalmers, etc.

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs & Fabrications:
    Quality Machine Shop has complete hydraulic cylinder repair capabilities on all brands of loaders, excavators, drill rigs, presses, dump trucks, etc. We can repair your unit, or make a new one if necessary. Repairs and overhauls include new seals, packing guide rings, pistons, cylinder chrome rods, caps, and hose fittings to bring the cylinder to original specs.